Thursday, March 31, 2016


After almost 12 years of helping individuals and organizations plan events that are “uncomplicated, yet undeniably elegant”, Leslie-Manning Events is taking an extended hiatus from the world of Chiavari chairs and nosegay bouquets. Good lighting, uplighting and family infighting. Caterers, bakers, and candlestick makers. Stop me, please!!

It is bittersweet indeed because there is no good time to take a hiatus from a wedding and event planning business. There’s always one more wedding, one more event. “Next year, definitely next year.” And time marches on.

But our lives have changed, our priorities have changed, our industry has changed, and we ask ourselves (almost) daily whether to change direction or stay the course. We’ve decided to change direction.

Thank you for being the best clients and the most amazing friendors and fans of Leslie-Manning Events! We hope to cross paths with you again in the future.

Until then, happy planning!

Leslie + Jenniffer

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