Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday: Stocking the bar (cart)

At-home bar carts are still popular this holiday season, which is good news if you bought one last holiday season, and even better news if you're planning on entertaining this holiday season.

Of all the articles on the interwebs about stocking the at-home bar cart, I found this one on The Intentional Apartment to be the most useful. Light on the pictures, heavy on the text. Just the way I like it! (Click here if you prefer it the other way around).

This year, I am not designing a holiday dinner table. In part because I don't have one. I donated my existing dining table and chairs to a deserving family, or at least that's what I'd like to think the Salvation Army folk did with it, but judging by the way they dragged it out of my home and threw it on the truck, I'm doubting it still exists in one piece.

This year, I am celebrating the holidays in the homes of family and friends, and will limit all of my entertaining to this blog.

Happy Holidays!

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