Thursday, October 16, 2014

We are giving back!

From now until November 5, 2014, Leslie-Manning Events is auctioning Month-of Coordination services in either New York City or Washington, DC. Your bid will support the Ariane Thomas-Lutchmedial Traumatic Brain Injury Foundation. Learn more about the auction on

Ariane was my second cousin. She was only three months old when her parents’ car was hit by a reckless driver. The accident left Ariane with traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is most often an acute event similar to other injuries. That is where TBI and other injuries end. One moment the person is normal, and the next moment life has abruptly changed.

Despite her injuries, Ariane’s strength, courage, resiliency and will power to survive became a constant guide for those connected to her. Ariane loved to be hugged and cuddled. Her big smiles and dimpled cheeks showed her delight.

Ariane was an inspiration to all who met her; doctors, nurses, therapists, home aides, and even strangers in the mall. The 12 years she spent on this earth, taught us courage, patience and humility, and that much can be accomplished with love.

The Ariane Thomas-Lutchmedial Traumatic Brain Injury Foundation was formed as a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing assistance to children struggling with lifelong and devastating effects of a TBI and to assist families in managing the difficulties of raising those injured children.

Help us, help them raise funds, visit today and bid on our auction. We would love to meet the estimated value, but the best part of an auction is bidding, so feel free to bid as much as you can. You will help the foundation and receive professional month-of coordination for your wedding day. A win-win!

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