Thursday, January 30, 2014

We all scream for new ways to serve ice-cream!

With all the snow and ice and salt outside today, I felt inspired to make ice-cream. The hard way, in a Ziploc baggie, with LOTS of elbow grease.

Ice-cream is going to be big in events in 2014 (if we are to believe the 2014 trend list that I just read). Shhh…don’t tell the trendsetters, but ice-cream at events has been around for some time. In the past year alone we’ve seen ice-cream sundae bars, ice-cream carts and trucks, and ice-cream sandwiches. And, ice-cream is making an appearance at many of our 2014 events as well... yum!

But there are many, many ways to serve ice-cream at events that we haven't done yet. There's ice-cream cupcakes (I want to taste these so badly). Ice-cream macaroons, the ice-cream sandwich's more elegant sister. And, we haven't served beer ice-cream. Oh, the calories! But the year is young. So I'll crank up the heat, and enjoy my gooey treat (rhyme-intended), and dream about summer and all the ways to enjoy ice-cream at events.

Hope everyone is keeping warm.

The photo above was taken at Chin Chin Labs, Europe's first Nitro ice-cream parlor. Their website's cool enough, but I can't wait to visit!

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