Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I blame Pinterest

Take a good look at this photo. The venue: gorgeous. It was a Chateau. The bride, her dress and her bouquet of Peonies: stunning! The groom looks quite dapper himself, so why, oh why are they holding on to that chalkboard heart sign? Twenty years from now that chalkboard is going to rub their nerves raw. I totally understand the desire to incorporate the latest trend into your wedding day decor, but if it doesn't fit your wedding, toss it out. If you're too attached to the idea then incorporate it into the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower or the bridesmaids luncheon. You have a whole host of peripheral events in which to incorporate the handmade things you're pinning and pining over if they don't fit your wedding's style or venue. Oh, how I wish I could take that chalkboard sign and hide it behind those Hydrangea bushes.


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