Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sneak Peek: Noel and Kyle's Shire Celebration

Y’all remember Noel and Kyle don’t you? I’ve blogged about them here and here. Well, after their DC nuptials, Noel and Kyle asked if we would coordinate their wedding in Ohio on Kyle’s family property, The Shire (and no, there were no Hobbits). Since it was the week of the Fourth of July, I was the only one from the Leslie-Manning Events team available to make the trip, so Noel and Kyle promised me volunteers. Well, I’ve been promised volunteers before, so I was apprehensive, but I was in for a big surprise when I got there, Noel and Kyle’s family and friends were some serious worker bees. From setting up tables and chairs to folding napkins, stringing lights and much, much more, every one worked as hard as they partied afterwards.  

It was a beautiful celebration, but when I arrived on Wednesday evening I wasn’t sure how it all was going to end. On Wednesday afternoon, my flight to Ohio was delayed at Reagan National because of weather somewhere between DC and Ohio (since the weather was great in both places at the time). It was that weather that darkened the beautiful blue Ohio sky Wednesday night, and then it started to rain, and it rained and continued to rain through Friday morning. The rainfall went from drizzle to torrential downpour, and repeat. Every county in the state was under a flash flood warning, and there were several flash floods. 

Noel and Kyle’s wedding plans called for a ceremony out on the greens, a canopied tent, a petting zoo for the kids, and dancing under the stars. Thursday morning, we sat around Papaw’s dining room table to sketch out plan B: purchase all of the $2.00 umbrellas from Kroger, put sides on the tent, cut out the dancing, and move the animals into the barn. Oh, wait. The caterer is using the barn as a kitchen. At one point Kyle even wondered aloud whether or not they should cancel the wedding. “Do people cancel weddings?” he asked me. There is no way this wedding was getting cancelled. I had already been nursing six mosquito bites on my left wrist that I got my first few hours in Ohio, I had planned to take away some good memories from this trip.

On Friday morning when I woke up it was pouring. When I looked out my hotel room there was a flash flood happening in the hotel’s parking lot, and I was really disappointed. The guys had put so much work into this family union, and now it may well end up being a rainy, muddy mess. However, on the drive to The Shire, I saw the sun peeking out from behind some of the clouds. “Can it be?” I asked my driver. “Is that really the sun?” Well, yes it was. The sun was coming out, and it was going to be a hot day. Its heat dried up all of the water, and the greens, where golf carts were getting stuck in just 24 hours earlier, was hard enough to walk on. 

And so it was go time – set up the chairs, the bar, the petting zoo. Dress the tables, fold the napkins, and cue the bagpiper – we have a wedding! And what a wedding it was. We partied straight into the night, which ended with almost everyone in the pool. I have to admit, the DJ rocked!  (I wasn’t expecting that. I mean, we’re in rural Ohio). Around 2 a.m. the next morning, every guest had gone home or to bed (if they were staying at The Shire), and I was getting into the car that would take me back to my hotel when I felt the first few raindrops. “It’s raining again,” the driver said. It sure was, and it rained and rained. But for 15 hours on July 5, 2013 it stopped, so Noel, Kyle and their families could celebrate their union, and their love. Congratulations again Noel and Kyle!

See the rest of Noel and Kyle’s Shire Celebration in our gallery, courtesy of Christy and Ben Dakin of Captive Light Photography in Cincinnati, Ohio. Christy and Ben are a husband and wife photography team, and I truly enjoyed working with them on both of Noel and Kyle’s wedding days.

A few shots of the set up. I wish I could post them all...
The reception venue - the tent attached to the barn
Our rides - the kids shuttled us back and forth, and safely too!
The Grooms
The kids taking a break to play with the Kids
All dressed for the occasion!
Best volunteers EVER!
We have a wedding!

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