Friday, March 29, 2013

Party: Afternoon Tea

I’ve been charged with making scones this weekend for my sister’s Easter tea. Mulling over dozens of recipes, I settled on Date Drop Scones, because I could use Medjool dates and give them the appearance of being somewhat healthy.

Whenever I scroll through the Afternoon Tea Recipes on the What's Cooking America website, I always feel the urge to throw open my windows, crank up the theme song to Miss Marple and invite over a couple of friends for a cuppa.

Oh, how I miss throwing tea parties (using my best British accent)! although the parties I hosted, what seems now like ages ago, were not the kind Jane Marple would appreciate. There was no delicate china or pink anything (shh..don't tell my sister; it would break her heart), and guests weren't required to wear their Sunday best or fancy hats either. In fact, at my parties, the champagne flowed as freely as the tea, but I was, and I'm still, religious about brewing and pouring the tea properly. My goal always was to throw a party my friends would enjoy: good treats, good tea, and, gossip. The jury is out on whether or not I ever raised my pinky.

Happy Easter!

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