Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The "new normal" honeymoon?

If the statistics are to be believed, more than half of the marriages today are preceded by cohabitation, which means, today's honeymoon is really just an expensive vacation, so why not spend those two weeks doing something outside of what is widely accepted as a "normal" honeymoon? Especially if the mere thought of a couples-only resort makes you hurl.

A few weeks ago, I had brunch with a friend whom I often describe as "do-gooding, tree-hugging," and as I listened to her stories about her experience voluntouring in Ghana last summer, I couldn't help but think: "what a great honeymoon idea!" Two weeks helping to improve the lives of others and discovering the true meaning of the universal "we".

I know it's hard for those who know me personally to imagine I wrote this post, especially since when I'm on vacation on a tropical island, I want to take a walk on the beach at night to stare into the abyss of moonlit waters and reflect on my bliss not search for endangered leatherback sea turtles, but even I felt persuaded to be a little selfless on my next vacation, and I am not being paid to write this post, it's coming from my heart.

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