Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome to Maryland with LOVE!

We regularly help our clients source and create DC Welcome bags even though the majority of these "DC" weddings take place in Maryland. However, this summer we had clients who were welcoming their guests to Maryland, which presented the opportunity for us to brainstorm Maryland welcome bag items beyond Old Bay Seasoning, which tends to be synonymous with Maryland, but frankly, I prefer McCormick (although Old Bay rightly won the Cheasapeake Bay seasoning battle hands-down and sent McCormick running to its corner).


I started with a simple theme: LOVE from Maryland (inspired by the postcard pictured above), and came up with the items listed below, from there the idea grew and in the end with input from both the bride and her mom, the couple ended up with bespoke welcome bags for their guests. So if, you are in need of inspiration for your Maryland welcome bags, I give you LOVE from Maryland:

“LOVE from Maryland”
2 bottles of water
2 bags of UTZ Crab chips
2 pieces of Chocolate-Caramel Cow Tails
1 pack Fisher’s Caramel Popcorn
1 pack Otterbein’s Mini Cookies
1 pack of BC Pain Relief Powder
1 “Love from Maryland” postcard
1 mini crab from Century Novelty

I switched out the spices for BC Powder, because BC Powder is pretty popular in this area for both headaches and preventing hangovers.

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