Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What I'm Loving Today: Grasswalkers

Okay, I don’t really love these; frankly, I think they’re goofy. I feel if I wear these to an event, I would spend the entire event explaining why I’m walking around with saucers attached to my feet.

"How innovative!” 

“How cute!”

“How about you two just move out of my way, so I can reach the waiter with the Spanakopita.”

I would rather just not wear heels to an event on grass or shift my body weight to the balls of my feet as I’ve been doing for years. But I do see the bright side of having these available for female guests at your outdoor event or garden wedding. Then it’s a function–thing, and we can all learn to walk in them at the same time, and the shared experience would be a wonderful ice-breaker.

So Grasswalkers is what I’m kinda-sorta loving today!

UPDATE: I received an email today from Sheryl White, the inventor of the Grasswalkers. She says, and I quote, "at first they seem a little strange,  but when you are walking in grass they really just disappear and they really work!" Sheryl is sending me a few samples, so I can see for myself, so stay tuned.

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Tesaen Chavis said...

Hah! This is great! I think I would also be very amused if I actually saw a person at an event wearing these, however, I can understand the need for those heels that probably shouldn't be worn in/ around grass! But in agreement, the time spent explaining these could either be a great conversation starter, or a repetitive comment.