Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trend Alert: First Look

Today, I’m declaring the First Look a wedding trend for 2012 (which doesn't mean anything, but still, humor me). It’s been around since I’ve started planning weddings, now seven years ago, but its popularity is increasing evidenced by the number we’ve seen among our own clients thus far this year.

What is the First Look?  

It is the first time the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day. The photographer usually stages the groom with his back turned. The bride quietly walks up behind him, and either taps him on the shoulder or calls his name. He turns around, and the photographer, somewhere in the distance, captures the raw emotion of the moment. The First Look usually happens before the ceremony with the bride and groom alone in a quiet, romantic setting. It is one of my favorite wedding moments next to the Yichud, which I know is Jewish, but I think everyone should have one.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes the idea of a First Look. My mother would be one of those persons. She still prefers the traditional British custom of the groom being the LAST person to see the bride. If everyone were like her, we may never have moments like these (pictured above).


andré blais said...

I think 'First Looks' are a great solution when a couple's trying to save time by having some portraits taken together before the ceremony.

Tesaen Chavis said...

I love the idea of the first look pre-nupitals simply because of the raw emotion that the bride/groom get to share in private! Granted, that's a moment that's a key part of a wedding, so I would understand why some would prefer for it to be saved for the actual ceremony! Thank you for this insightful post!

By Petronella Photography

Leslie Weekes said...

Tesaen - You're welcome!

We recently had clients whose First Look was interrupted by tourists wishing them well. Fortunately, the photographer was able to capture the emotion before the interruption, but it did add some levity to a very emotional moment.