Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I'm Loving Today: Hand painted Wedding Invitations


I've been a secret fan of Courtney Khail's work (and blog) ever since I discovered them a year ago. She reminded me of another stationery designer whose work I drooled over when I was planning my destination wedding back in 2006.

A little known fact about me is that in my early twenties I got a job in the biggest art store in New York City. I have no idea why. I was the only employee there without a tattoo of my cat. I didn't paint. Didn't sketch. Wasn't into Origami. I used my employee discount to buy stencils to decorate the walls of my studio apartment. Eventually I quit, because no one who worked there understood why I worked there anyway, but I did leave with an appreciation for art, specifically watercolors, because I thought it was probably the easiest to do until I tried to do it.

Today I discovered Happy Menocal on the blog of event design extraordinaire David Stark. Stark said their work "is such a nice departure from the 'vintage inspired' type and invites we have been seeing for social events" to which I say: "Amen!"

So today I'm loving Happy Menocal, Courtney Khail, My Personal Artist and all the other artists out there who are working with watercolors.

This is a trend to watch in 2012.



Wedding Invitation said...

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Michelle | My Personal Artist said...

Hello Leslie! You are so very sweet to mention My Personal Artist in your post. xoxo Thank you for your kind words. <3

Leslie Weekes said...

You're very welcome Michelle!