Friday, December 16, 2011

You DJ on the weekends?

I'm presently listening to the relaxing tunes on this free Holiday Playlist 2011 I downloaded from as I prepare for this evening's holiday party. Over the past couple of weeks I've worked on the party playlist with the kind of obsessive compulsion that will some day drive me mad. Through my research, I've discovered a LOT of holiday music; more that I ever imagined existed. I've even found a few new favorites like Tasha Taylor's Merry Christmas Baby (also on the holiday playlist). It sounds as though she's saying "Marry Christmas Baby" and, as a wedding planner, that makes me smile. Anyhow, tonight I'll find out if all of my hard work paid off.

Next party, I'm looping a background visual like this cocktail mash-up by The Flash Dance. Happy Holidays!

Cocktails Trailer from Chris Poole on Vimeo.

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