Monday, August 29, 2011

The fuss over food trucks

One of the hottest dining trends today is the Food Truck. They’ve certainly breathed new life into the DC lunch scene, and I must admit the Curbside Cupcakes food truck always makes me smile. 

I have a mental block when it comes to eating from a food truck though. It’s my "ham sandwich." Recurring memories of my mother admonishing my siblings and I as children: “do not to buy anything to eat from a truck!” The consequences were dire - food poisoning would be getting off easy.

Today, however, food trucks have improved their image. They’re no longer seen in the same light as the New York City sidewalk hot dog vendor, so there is no surprise that their makeover have allowed them to stake a pretty decent claim in the special event industry, and more specifically, weddings. Food trucks have become a popular staple at wedding after-parties this summer, and for some couples, they’ve replaced the caterer altogether. And the cost savings are significant (according to one source, at least a $16,000 savings on the average $20,000 wedding catering bill). 

What is the trade-off? 

Well, waitstaff, for one. There’s no staff to bus the tables or refill guests water and wine glasses (although, if you’re hiring a food truck to cater your event, skip the wine and go for beer served in bottles).

Because of my block, I can’t fully endorse the food truck replacing the wedding caterer (and I don’t care if you use the word “haute” in front of it either), but it is a very budget-friendly option, and I could definitely endorse saving money.

For more information on DC food trucks that cater, see this article on the blog of United With Love.

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