Friday, April 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Today: White by Vera Wang

I know I'm about a million years behind in talking about it, but it's been three months and I'm still obsessed with the White by Vera Wang bridal collection for David's Bridal. It could possibly be because this gorgeous pink dress reminds me of spring, and it's April 1st and 40 degrees here in the District; maybe if I share it with all of y'all, spring will decide to rush in tomorrow (cross your fingers for me!!!!).

I'm drawn to this collection for a myriad of reasons: -The frugal nature that runs underneath my taste for expensive things wonders if I could convince myself to pay more than a couple thousand dollars for a dress I'll only wear one time, so I love love love that someone finally thought to bring Vera to the masses! -It's full of ruffles and frills and gauze and bows, but still manages to be classy (something Vera is an expert in, in my humble opinion). -In the words of the queen herself, "I've learned that a wedding dress represents more than just 'a dress.' It embodies a bride's lifelong dream and her own sense of who she is." -When compared with the Anthropologie Bhldn collection, which debuted at the same time and Leslie likes but I absolutely abhor (sorry, Anthropologie), the Vera collection came up roses!

I still haven't actually made it to a store to see the quality for myself, but for Vera on a budget, I'd advise every bride to at least take a peek!

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