Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy Tale Royal Wedding

So I know this will make me approximately the worst wedding blogger in the world, but I did not get up and watch the royal wedding this morning.

I know, I'm ashamed of myself. In my defense, I haven't been sleeping well and I had to work today. And I have it Tivo'd and have some wine chilling, take-out on speed dial, and plans with some wonderful ladies to tune in tonight. And I've spent the last week watching all the specials, so I'm hoping we can all forgive me.

Even though I haven't watched yet, you can't escape the coverage. From the dress to the crazy hats to the adorable kisses on the balcony, pictures and videos are everywhere. (Images below mainly from ABC News, NPR, Kate Middleton FTW).

I wasn't crazy about the dress at first glance, but it's slowly grown on me and now I loved it. It's the perfect blend of classy and demure enough for such an important event and the magnificent Westminster Abbey, but also modern and daring enough to reflect Kate's personal style. Vogue loves it as well: "More important, it was the symbolism of a partnership in which the individual wishes of a young woman have been expressed and enabled by another young woman of vast talent whose understanding of fashion's role in serving, and underlining, this historic moment is nonpareil." (Pippa looks stunning as well!)

I also love her choice of lace sleeves, a la Princess Grace. Or, as the spoof blog, "Kate Middleton For the Win," where Anne Clark has a little fun writing snarky captions on pictures of the lovely Kate, puts it:

I also love the story of William mouthing "you look beautiful" to Kate and joking with her father about how they were supposed to have a small, private affair. And how lovingly they looked at each other during their vows:

I think perhaps my favorite pictures so far are of the kisses, of course:

and of them waving to the crowd-- the new Duchess of Cambridge's already looking right at home in her role in the spotlight!

But hands down the best picture of them kissing, and arguably of the whole wedding, is one of a slightly less-than-pleased onlooker. I imagine the adorable 3-year-old Miss Grace van Cutsem, Prince William's goddaughter, will have one heck of an embarrassing realization later in life when she sees this pictures.

Poor thing, I'm sure it was defeaning out there. At least she has proof she was next to adorable history being made!

Did y'all get up and watch the wedding? What did you think of the wedding? And how many of you had lace-sleeved dresses before Kate made it the new dress of the 21st century?

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Nice couple! I remember this royal wedding lots of year of my life its really gorgeous and nice pics of wedding..
Thanks for sharing with us..