Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun weddings?

At every initial consultation, I ask: “What is your fun element?” couples usually respond:

“We want a candy buffet…a photobooth…a caricature artist…an ice-cream truck…a bellydancer…a game of Croquet…”

It’s become so common lately for weddings to have a fun element (some say unique, but I daresay photobooths and candy buffets are not unique) that they have become a part of the script.

Therefore, imagine my surprise when I sat down with a prospective client last week and was asked: “Fun? At a wedding? Why do we need extra entertainment? It’s a wedding!”

And so it is. I guess weddings are a bit like Christmas. There’s the sacred (the birth of Jesus Christ) and the secular (Santa Claus). We like to mix them all together, but the two do not really mix. Like fun and joy. “Weddings are joyous occasions,” the groom informed me. “They don't require any added 'fun' element.”

Recently, I’ve found myself using the word “modern” as a means of qualifying the weddings we plan. Modern Weddings, my dear, are a whole other bailiwick.

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