Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What I'm Loving this Year

In another episode of Jenna-the-bridesmaid, my beautiful bride-friend and I have had a lot of discussions (read: opinionated arguments) about what kind of shoes a bride should wear. I am of the fierce opinion that you as a bride are in an absolutely stunning, typically-floor-length, white gown and the perfect accessory to that is a pair of kick-ass crazy colorful shoes. What other dress perfectly matches a heel of absolutely any color (yes, LBDs do as well, but some shoes might even be a little much for a dress with the name "little" in its titles...) and can be hidden and then flashed when the time is right?

My bride, whose groom isn't significantly taller than she and is therefore limited to a flat shoe for her big day, leaned much more towards simple white flats. B-o-r-i-n-g, in my book. (Before you all cry "bridesmaidzilla," I promise that I assured said bride dozens of times that yes, I preferred colorful shoes and pushed for them, but thought she would be gorgeous no matter the shoe and hers was the only opinion that really mattered).

We finally settled on a compromise with these. White (beige) to fit her more modest taste, but with enough ruffle and pizazz to wow the socks off any guest in attendance! (Plus we ended up ordering them in pink for her to wear to the reception, so perhaps I won after all...).

I think my taste, however, would careen wildly to a crazy shoe. Something bold in purple or blue or hot pink or even glitteryplaid or a bootie for a fall wedding (with my standby flip-flops to wear when I was subsequently crippled at the reception).

Or maybe this, the holy grail of shoes.

This stunning Badgely Mischka shoes is another one of those items I'm loving all year around (really, ask my college roommate about the number of times I told her I wanted these shoes). They're flirty and sassy and feminine and ladylike and classy all at the same time. And I. Am. In. Love. And for those of you with kind hearts and big pockets, my birthday's a-rolling in at the end of the month ;D

(Also, can I get away with admitting that I don't like pink, even though last week's item of covet is was pink too?)

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Tiaras said...

Now they are Gorgeous! I wonder if hubby would agree to get married again!