Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Great Loves

As you might have guessed with my constant references to cupcakes and wedding cakes, I am a baking addict.

Seriously. If there is one thing I love more than wedding blogs, it's baking blogs (and cooking blogs...okay, that's two things. Shh, don't tell Leslie).

I was raised by a good Southern mama, so I was taught from a young age that one of the most important ways you show someone you love them is feedin 'em. Whether it's a cake for your best friend's birthday, a home-cooked meal for your mister, or a good old-fashioned bourbon pecan pie to butter up your boss, I am a firm believer in "nothing says lovin' like somethin' from the oven."

So which is why, when I saw this baking engagement session on the Style Me Pretty blog, courtesty of Elizabeth Messina at Kiss the Groom I about keeled over from cuteness overload.

This engagement session combines my two great obsessions: love and baking. And seriously, this couple featured on the Project Wedding blog is TOO cute too! What a sweet idea! (Pun intended...I know, I'm so original).


wedding headbands said...

I would love to arrange for such cakes in my wedding.

B and B Party Rentals said...

The sweetest idea by far i've seen. How I wish my own wedding turn out just like this.

Annia said...

Oh that sure is great. Finding two loves in one search. It is not everyday that we can find such deal. Congratulations on that one!

Christa aka NtB said...

Ooh, I would have loved a baking engagement session! What a fun idea :)

Beth said...

A baking engagement session -- how cool is that!