Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bridesmaids Gifts

I promise this post is not (once again) about guest books, but before I get right down to it, I just have to share this (courtesy of the lovely Texan ladies at Groom Sold Separately). Clearly the universe has heard my pleas for guestbook art, and the blogosphere complied. So adorable!

Today's real post comes from my experience as Jenna the bridesmaid (rather than Jenna the assistant to an awesome wedding planner): bridesmaids gifts. While shopping with my lovely bride-to-be this weekend for wedding jewelry and shoes, we discussed the idea for gifts for some of the wedding party and how it seems like there are 8,000 choices but no real guidance.

Whether it's a nice picture frame with a picture of you and your bmaid, a cute handbag or clutch, anything on Emersonmade, a gift certificate to your girls' favorite restaurants, or a more lavish gift, there are so many different ideas out there. There are also a lot of factors: how many bridesmaids you have, your budget, and perhaps the most important, the personalities of your attendants.

Personally, I am of the opinion that the best bridesmaid gifts (and the best gifts in general, for that matter) are those that are personal. There will always be 8,000 cute bags, picture frames, and sweaters, and a luxurious gift is always welcome, but the gifts that mean the most really speak to who your bridesmaid is and the bond you two share. Nor do your gifts need to be the same for each girl: sometimes I think it's better that they're not.

The most important thing is to choose something you know your bridesmaid would absolutely love (I, for example, have been coveting this for some time now).
That said, if I were feeling creative or wanted something crafty, I'd definitely look no further than the wonderful world of Etsy.

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Dennis @ Wholesale Roses said...

I think you are absolutely right; the best gifts are those that are personalized to your bridesmaids. There are a million handbags and other trinkets. But if you can give something that is personalized then I think it'll be a lot better. An idea would be to get all bridesmaids a matching bag such as the one above and put the personalized gift inside the bag.