Thursday, July 29, 2010

Place Your Name...Uhh, Print Here, Please

In the vein of last week's post featuring an alternative guestbook option, I had been thinking a lot about variations on the idea, particularly on creating guestbooks you can display as art. One of our LME couples had guests sign a framed record of a song that meant something special to them. Another couple I know is using a huge frame for one of their wedding pictures and having all guests leave them a note (and with the rise of "sign-them" frames around stores, extremely easy to DIY)!

My favorite, however, is an idea I've seen around the blogosphere a few times, most recently by the lovely folks at the Dallas Wedding Planner blog: the thumbprint tree guestbook. While I tend to be a neat freak and am not entirely sure giving all my friends and family green thumbs (literally) on a day when they're all dressed to the nines will float anybody's boat, I think the finished product is absolutely adorable!

The best part is it's so simple and so versatile-- you can use any color paper, arrange your tree branches in any way, or even provide your guests with different colors of ink for a fall tree! However, if you're not quite as crafty or DIY as some brides, or like me and always crunched for time, (okay let's face it, I'm busy AND lack artistic talent) and don't want to create tree yourself, don't fret. You can order the prints ready for thumbprints from the lovely Lovliday (who hails from my wonderful home state!), as well as a bunch of other awesome guestbook alternatives like posters, super adorable invitations, and more!

Now let's hope someone invents ink that's colorless on clothes and only shows up on paper before my wedding day!

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Dennis @ Wholesale Flowers said...

What a great idea. I have a close friend who did something similar only for a different reason. She painted a tree on a wall in her garage and every time a new family member comes to visit the put a hand print and write their name on one of the branches.