Monday, July 26, 2010

What I'm Loving Today

I have a very strange attraction to all things chalk: sidewalk chalk, chalkboards, doesn't matter, I love it. I don't even really mind the dust.

Recently, the obsession has manifest itself into a yearning to take the chalkboard paint and paint one of the walls in my kitchen to create a chalkboard (although I don't think my housemates would be pleased). Chalk for kitchens and children is cute, but I had never dreamed of it being featured in a wedding until I stumbled across this fantastic idea from April Foster Events.

AFE's idea features black paper and a crayon, but I might spring for actual chalk and a chalkboard (although, along with last week's idea, crayon and paper is frameable....). So adorable!

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Dennis @ Wholesale Roses said...

Chalkboard walls are the best! We recently painted an underused wall in our kitchen with chalkboard paint and our son loves it. We love it too because we can leave notes without using paper.