Monday, June 14, 2010

What I'm Loving Today

Leslie likes to tell me constantly that the cupcake phase, particularly cupcakes instead of wedding cake, was very "2008." She is 100% right, but part of my soul still adores anything cupcake-related!

Today's item I love is something akin to a possible compromise: cupcakes as escort cards! I saw this over on Elizabeth Ann Designs and fell in love.

As much as I love pictures of any kind, shape, or size, I think maybe I'd swap out names for faces on the front, but I love the idea of naming the tables after menu ingredients! Plus, the cupcakes make a nice snack for hungry guests (not to mention the bride and groom!)!


Dennis @ Wholesale Fresh Flowers said...

Forget 2008, cupcakes are forever. They can be reinvented so many different ways and you've just disclosed one creative one of them.

Claire said...

What a cute idea. I love this and also will never give up on the cupcake. They will be back.

Lisa said...

Those are totally darling! I'm crazy about cupcakes too!