Monday, February 8, 2010

I've lost it!

My worse nightmare happened this weekend, and no, it was not the 30 inches of snow, the overnight bus ride to get back to DC before the blizzard or risk spending the weekend in an over-priced New York City hotel room. It wasn't even the fact that somehow a fire broke out on the bus, and I almost got stuck in Philadelphia instead (although that's running a close second). No, my computer crashed! Fortunately, I've been backing up my files; unfortunately, I haven't done a backup recently, so I will be pigging out on gigantic boxes of chocolates over the next couple of days as I try to recreate six months worth of work, or maybe I'll just lay out in the snow until I'm too numb to feel the pain anymore.


LC said...

I'd lay out in the snow and make snow angels =)

(You'll be fine. Nothing given to you that you can't handle. People will understand.)

LiLu said...

My computer crashing is my biggest fear. True story.

Leslie Weekes said...

I now know why people backup their data nightly. It's not a good feeling to lose it all, although I do like the new computer smell.