Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful. Classic. Trendy?

Today, I attended the wedding showcase at The Mayflower Hotel. I was checking it out as a possible venue for a client. The whole time I was there though, I kept confusing it with The Willard. They're both grande dames and full of ghosts, I'm sure. Yes, I do believe ghost stories. I've stayed at several historial properties over the years and they were all full of stories of the ghosts of dead owners or patrons walking the hallways or pulling the sheets off you while you sleep or hanging out in the closet turning the lights on and off. But I digress. I love the Mayflower and would LOVE to do a wedding there. In fact, if you're planning to get married there, talk to me. I would be happy to work with you for our mutual benefit. It is a beautiful classic property for a beautiful classic wedding, which is why I didn't understand the "modern and trendy" wedding decor they were selling. If you want modern and trendy, book a modern and trendy venue. The highlight of my afternoon though was enjoying a latte in the cafe with my trusty new assistant Jennifer or Jenna (as she calls herself). It was the kind that I could draw a heart in the foam with my spoon. I think I paid three extra bucks for that pleasure, but still, it was a pleasure.

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