Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I'm loving today


I found this idea on Wedding Style Guide (Australia’s version of Martha Stewart). Below is their description:

"Designers from all disciplines use them…Fandecks are a great way to keep swatches in order when visiting suppliers. Make one for the florist, the stationer, the dressmaker, the stylist–anyone who needs an overview of the big day. Chicago screws, from craft shops, mean books can be mixed and matched to suit–business cards, fabric, ribbons, wallpapers, wrapping papers–anything can be included. Pop one in your bag when out shopping, then you’ve got reference at a second’s notice. Use pretty paper to make a cover then create a book for each of your bridesmaids. Include swatches of their fabric, photos of you together, a sketch of their dress, contact details, tie with a fabulous ribbon to make the perfect keepsake."

CLICK HERE to download the templates and HERE to see more great downloads available on their website.

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