Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leslie's Finds

Okay, pretend today is October 31st. And while you’re at it, pretend you didn’t notice that I didn’t post my finds for September either. In a down economy, it’s a good thing to be too busy to blog. Take my word for it. I’ve experienced the alternative; I’ll take too busy.

Anyhow, I’ve been finding a lot of great stuff lately like these Dessy flip-flops to match their bridesmaids dress colors. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend them. Too matchy-matchy. I’m sure you can find some nice ones from Havaianas that are fashionable and cool, and the gals wouldn’t mind wearing long after the wedding. My favorite: these crystal mesh ones (for the bride).

Speaking of cool…I’ve found that using The Dialectizer to read my blog in Jive talk makes me really cool (or corny).

Oprah’s pop-up store Beyond the Rack is the best (and I’m not saying that because I like Oprah. I got a bargain!) The downside is that my purchase took so long to arrive that I had time to regret it and get over the guilt before I had it in my hand to love it again and decide not to return it.

Awesome Bridesmaid Stocking Stuffer: Sani Medi Pedi. Sure wish I had this a few weeks ago. There is one salon in DC I would not recommend!

Where to find the must-have cashmere accessories for your winter wedding: White + Warren.

My new favorite site for event d├ęcor inspiration.

My new “it” gift. Ladies - if you know me personally, know that if I'm giving you a gift for any reason in the near future, this is IT!

My latest favorite time-waster: the blog of Carol Joynt, founder of the Q&A Cafe at Nathan's and a true DC Society Insider.

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Carol said...

Where is mine? I had a birthday recently and could really use IT!