Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall in love with Creed online

Extra! Extra! read all about it on FashionTribes.com. Creed, the fragrance choice of many celebrities, First Lady Michelle Obama, and me is now available online at Creed Boutique. Previously, it could only be found in select Nordstrom stores, Neiman Marcus, Oglivy and Creed stores. I first learned of Creed when I sampled their wedding day fragrance Love in White at Neiman Marcus last year and quickly became a fan of many of their signature scents. However, at $130-$350 a bottle there's only so much love. A girl needs a break, so I will let you in on a secret: The Perfumed Court sells decanted samples of all the Creed fragrances ranging from $4-$20 a bottle. It's a cost-effective way to test-drive Love in White before your wedding day, and trust me, once you fall in love, shelling out the 350 bucks would feel like a necessity.

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