Sunday, August 23, 2009

One of those little things

Last week, my nephew-in-law made a speech at his wedding reception thanking me for my help and encouraging his guests to hire a wedding planner for their nuptials, because "they point out all of those little things you don't think about." Well, here's one of those little things - food. Maybe this only happens with my family, but that week leading up to the wedding is usually full of last minute running around, because for all your careful planning, inevitably someone will need earrings, shoes, foundation garments, etc. or the bride will have a great new idea (argh!) that will require hunting down supplies to make paper-mache doves, and food is the last thing anyone thinks about until late at night when they're staring at the empty refrigerator or hungry kids. The solution for us was Pizzaville. But a healthier, heartier option would have been to cook ahead and freeze our meals for that week. When this article from Pioneer Thinking poppped into my inbox last week, I thought how perfect. A little late, but still perfect and maybe I can share it with someone whose family is a lot like mine.

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