Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For the love of type

A few weeks ago, when I was sick and desperately trying to get my head out of a fog, I read an email sent to me by suicide blond. It was a link to a wedding invitation, which she described as "reasonably uncomplicated." (Listen up folk: If you really want to make me feel special, use the word "uncomplicated" in a sentence). What I loved about this invite was it's simplicity, and of course, it's fonts. A long time ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, I attended a vocational high school named Printing. We were the only school with a printing press and we had to hand set type to print our school newspaper. I remember switching to Journalism, because my shop teacher had said that typesetting was a dying art (and printing was dangerous and messy). Well, we'll show him.

Check out the rest of the invitation here.

Feeling inspired? then you must see my new favorite font, Champion Script, over at

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lacochran said...

What a charming and original invitation. Love it!