Friday, June 19, 2009

Rubber ducky you're the one

I've been under the weather lately. So far under that there were moments when I thought I wouldn't get over. Last weekend, I flew to Montreal and caught a nasty head cold during my visit, which turned into a nasty sinus infection. But today my rubber ducky arrived and lifted my spirits. You see, I'm planning a baby shower with a rubber ducky theme (I know, I know, but that's what the honoree wants and what she wants is what she gets). I had this vision of a large rubber ducky as a part of the centerpiece and have been really unhappy with all of the rubber duckies I've sourced thus far. Then, earlier this week, while on hold waiting for my doctor's receptionist to see if she could "fit me in", I started going through my bookmarks. I have this fear (maybe unfounded) that someday I will lose my 600+ bookmarks, so I regularly check them to make sure they're there and safe and that I remember them all, and it was during this neurotic moment that I found what I thought was the perfect rubber ducky, and today it's been confirmed: Rubber ducky you're the one!

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