Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm over Bridezillas

Last night, I tuned in to watch the season premiere of Bridezillas, you know, "the unforgettable season". I had spent the hours leading up to it watching a marathon of the forgettable season. A few minutes into the new episode, however, I had to ask: "What's up with the already married couples on Bridezillas?" the groom was wearing his wedding band, and the drama was, well, drama. As in Theater 101. One of the brides reminded me of a college friend who was always acting in some off, off, off, off, way off, Broadway production, and who was always "counting on me" to show up and watch her overact.

Okay, we all know reality TV isn't real. My five seconds of fame taught me that producers create their own timelines. However, I do expect the show to be just a tad bit plausible if they want me to give up an hour of my life each week to tune in.

Also, the use of flash-forward scenes on these wedding shows where they try to create suspense with the snarky voice-over lady who asks, pre-commercial break, "Would Dawn and Michael ever make it down the aisle?" Well, yes, at the start of the episode you flashed-forward to them at the altar exchanging rings. Sheesh!

If these wedding shows keep it up, I'll have my life back before you can say "WE Go Bridal".

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