Sunday, May 3, 2009

The perfect bridesmaids dress?

I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping lately. Ever since a friend invited me to a fashion seminar last week led by TERRA owner, Oriana Khatso. I’ve become obsessed with fashion blogs, and must now ask: what recession? Why can’t I find a stylish handbag for less than $200 or some gladiator sandals for less than $50? But I digress. There’s an upside to my window shopping via blog crawl, I’ve been discovering great new wedding resources, and today’s find was on the blog of Always in Style. It is the Signature Wrap Dress by Shop Butter by Nadia.

This dress is convertible, fits sizes 2-16 and is maternity and bra-friendly. It also comes in 21 colors in always flattering jersey and 18 colors in satin. Not mention, it can be worn, again, and again, and again, and you can wrap it differently every time, and never again look like you did at Suzy’s wedding (unless you want to). The smartest $246 you will ever spend.

They say that this is the PERFECT bridesmaids dress, and I am inclined to believe them.


Crys said...

Do you think jersey is an acceptable fabric for a bridesmaid dress? I found lots of adorable ones for a wedding I'm in next year, but I don't know if I could pull off the jersey.. The wedding isn't black tie, but it's not on the beach, either. What do you think?

Leslie Weekes said...

Absolutely! That said, you know what looks good on your body, and you want to be comfortable and feel good about how you look as well.

: P said...

awesome dress...great idea!!
thanx for the shout out at my're so lovely!
You should be receiving the pix sometime tomorrow or Friday...check it out....x.

Crys said...

Oh cool. That opens my options a bit, for sure! She's having us pick our own little black dresses, so that suits me just fine. :)