Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leslie-Manning Events in Bridal Guide May/June 2009

This issue has been circulating for some weeks now and I've been giving them out as gifts to potential clients, but now it's online at Bridal for those who would think twice about shelling out $5.00 for a magazine. I had fun with this assignment: planning a wedding reception for $5,000. I had two color schemes. The one featured in the article and another that was chocolate, emerald green and royal blue - the colors of a peacock, which they mentioned, but had to cut. I guess I did get a little carried away. Read the article here.


Crys said...

Hey! Congrats! This looks great!

Leslie Weekes said...

Crystal - thank you!

nyc bride guide said...

I'm researching different color schemes for my upcoming wedding, and I have to say, I never thought of putting those colors together. But now that you mentioned it, they sound beautiful!