Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Take a bite out of your catering budget

Here are some tips from the horses’ (local hotel banquet captains and caterers) mouths:

Set the date in the month that hotels and caterers are the most starved for business. In the DC area that’s January (unless Obama is being inaugurated).

Sundays and weekdays are better than Friday and Saturday nights.

Daytime weddings cost less than evening weddings.

A brunch reception is the least expensive option.

Guests consume less alcohol when they have to walk to the bar rather than when they’re served wine at their tables.

DJs cost less than bands, because it’s only one vendor meal versus four or twelve (and yes, you have to feed your vendors).

Fake cakes (if you must). Purchase round cakes from your local bakery to be cut in the kitchen and served to your unsuspecting guests.

Served meals are cheaper than buffets (IMO, they’re six of one; half-a-dozen of the other).

Go Green!

Eliminate the cocktail hour.


MB said...

And don't fall for the "wedding package" caterers try to sell you. Order a la carte off the normal catering menu! Or ask them to create a meal within a set budget.

Think of published prices as merely a suggestion especially if you are off season or at an off hour/day!

Finally, you DONT have to serve an entire multiple course meal. Schedule wisely so you avoid meal time. Have a true reception, old school style, with passed hors d'ouvres and cake. Then blow the stuffy hotel reception after an acceptable amount of time and go party with your friends at a bar!

Founder - THIS I KNOW said...

This post was extremely helpful. I'm in quite a "pickle" here in Southern California with regards to my "cake and cider" reception. Ugh!