Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Something for the girls

um...bridesmaids. I saw this on Fashion Tribes and fell head over heels. It's the Red Carpet Ready Kit by Joan and Melissa Rivers. It's filled with strap tamers, silicone gel petals, dress tape, a silicone adhesive bra, and more (depending on the kit). I know in my career as bridesmaid, as happy as I was to receive the "gold" necklace that turned my neck green, I would have been even happier to have received this kit.


Prica said...

this is excellent. I love your blog sweety...keep up the good work!


Jackie said...

I think i like it also - just to make a bit of difference when it comes to bridesmaids gifts. I have seen several unique bridesmaids gifts also at americanbridal.com.

Anonymous said...

What a unique gift! Every lady, bridesmaid or not, needs this kit.