Monday, January 5, 2009

Okay, stop, you're making me fat

Psst...neurotic? like to self-diagnose? let's chat.

I just finished reading the latest issue of Psychology Today. What a great magazine! why did they ever get rid of the Blues Buster supplement? this puzzles and irks me to this day, but I digress...This latest issue has an article titled "In Sickness and In Health". The article details how your choice of romantic partner helps determine how healthy or sick you'll be. This article is similar to one I blogged about previously about how one's partner's health (habits) affect the other partner in the relationship, but this one is more comprehensive and a real eye-opener (Mr. Billy has been drinking a lot of Champagne lately, and when I met him, he never touched the stuff).

Here are some excerpts from the article:
"Researchers have found that spouses influence each others' exercise habits, doctor visits, and use of alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana."

"That's probably because commitment typically leads to shared meals, activity patterns, financial resources, and social networks. Couples may also find themselves true partners in health by means of social control, in which one spouse tries to keep the other wholesome, and mood contagion, where one partner's anxiety washes over the other and even takes a toll on his or her body: Men whose wives are upset by their work are nearly three times more likely to develop heart disease."

"Women who "self-silence" during arguments with their spouses are four times more likely to die over a 10-year period than their peers who express themselves."

I guess I'll live forever. Self-silence? what the heck is that? Anyhow, this article is a must-read for the newly-engaged. Maybe even for those of you who have been married forever.

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