Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bridezilla is dead

I spent $20 in wedding magazines yesterday and after reading them all I learned three things:

1. We're in a recession
2. Over-the-top is...well...OVER-THE-TOP, and
3. The meltdown of the world economy has brought some perspective to the wedding planning process. Brides are no longer caught up in our culture of narcissism. In other words, Bridezilla is dead.

Somewhere out there is a group of wedding planners forming a conga line.

Honestly, I don't believe Bridezilla is dead. She's just hibernating; it's cold outside. The underpinnings of Bridezilla behavior cannot be brought down by some little financial meltdown, can it? In fact, if WE TV's depiction of Bridezilla is correct, Bridezilla may not even notice that we're in a financial crisis.

However, I am encountering couples who are afraid to spend or cautious about over-spending because of perception. We're in an economic crisis, yes, but it doesn't mean that you can't have a beautiful and well-organized wedding (if you can afford to have one). As the purveyor of "uncomplicated, yet undeniably elegant" weddings, I understand and have been operating in this concept of less {is more} for the past four years, and I can vouch for simple. Simple can be inexpensive or extremely luxurious. It is a matter of style, and one that works very well when perception is the issue.

That said, I have a vested interest in Bridezilla staying alive. How else would people make small talk with me when they learn that I'm a wedding planner?
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Juliet Douglas said...

Well written and funny post! I agree with wanting to keep Bridezilla alive so that there is conversation when people find out my profession!