Sunday, December 28, 2008

Budget weddings

The phrase "budget wedding" has a negative connotation. Immediately, the images that pop into one's head are that of warm Martinelli's cider being poured for the "champagne" toast, a wedding cake toppling to the ground revealing it was constructed mostly of styrofoam, family members of the bride rushing into the reception hall two hours late with silver pans of home-cooked food for the buffet (and then forgetting the serving utensils). The groom's uncle in charge of bar, showing up with two large bottles of Hennessy and a bottle of ginger ale, which he promptly rests on his friends' table and then directs everyone else to the vending machine down the hall. Yes, I have been in attendance, and it is the number one reason why I am a wedding planner today.

Having a wedding on a budget (I interrupt this post for a brief clarification. There is a school of thought that says there is a difference between planning a wedding on a budget and planning a wedding with a budget. I disagree. Every wedding has a budget, whether it's limited or limitless, every couple has a threshold when it comes to how much money they have or are willing to spend on their nuptials). Having a wedding on a budget (or rather, with a limited budget) does not have to be a negative experience.

To borrow from Colin Cowie, when the budget is limited, it is better to pick five things and do them well than to do ten things on the skinny. What is important to you? is it the food? favors? flowers? dress? music? then spend your money on those things that are important to you and let everything else go. When I started planning events almost ten years ago, a seasoned event planner gave me some sage advice, he said: "People rarely notice what you haven't done, but they do notice when you cut corners on what you have done."

Happy Holidays! is it 2009 yet?

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This is a message that many brides truly need to hear.