Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lost in DC

Recently, I was shopping for the perfect bags to create welcome bags for a client. My favorite find was this eco-friendly reusable grocery bag by Maptote, but at 15 bucks a pop, it was waaaay out of my client's budget. Yet, I couldn't let go. This bag is perfect for your out of town guests. If you're not a native Washingtonian, I'm sure you can relate to being lost on the streets of DC. When I first moved here, seven years ago, it once took me an hour to get from 10th Street to 9th Street, NW. The "NW" being very important. You can give your guests the benefit of having a map to help them out when they're lost (without looking like a mark, I mean tourist), and a bag they can use again and again at home thus reducing their use of plastic bags, and saving the earth. Who am I kidding? the map is useless, but I think the bag is a great find nonetheless.


CTemp said...

i really like this idea, but the user needs to use it again, otherwise it is worse then getting a cheap plastic bag. so the user has to care otherwise it won't make a difference and actually be worse. how to make the user care.


An Atlanta Bride said...

Cute bag! But yes, too pricey to buy a large quantity of them for so many out of town guests. Nonetheless, great find!

Anonymous said...
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