Monday, November 17, 2008

The grateful season

Saturday, I ordered my Thanksgiving turkey. Yes, ordered. There's a local caterer that will cook your turkey until almost done and then deliver it to your home. You simply put it in the oven to finish roasting (an hour or so before family and friends arrive) transfer it to your dish and then: voila! a perfectly done and absolutely delicious turkey. Saturday, I also received a Thanksgiving card from my insurance company. They're grateful for my business. In this economy, we're all grateful for business. Leslie-Manning Events have had quite a year, and we are grateful to all of the men, women and companies that have trusted us to plan and manage their events, and for the vendor partners, who have helped us produce these wonderful events. I am personally grateful that these days I have some down time. I have been operating in lite mode. Choosing to give more time to the "Life" in my Work/Life balance plan, and it has been, to quote Tony the Tiger, "Grrrrrrrrrrreat!" And I am rested and ready for 2009.

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Crystal said...

That is a GREAT idea about the turkey! We already bought our frozen one, or I would have gone this route in a heartbeat, let me tell ya. :)

Glad to hear you had a good year. You deserve it!