Saturday, November 1, 2008

Changing your name after marriage

It is the nightmare you've heard it is. I've been in this process three months now and it may never end. When I decided to change my name, I took my own advice and started here. I downloaded the application from Social Security and filled it out (it took 10 minutes; not so bad). Then I visited my local Social Security office and turned it in. It was there that I learned that a man, who shall remain nameless, has been using my social security number for employment for the past five years. I wonder if I'll qualify for his SSI?

Then I went to the post office to get a new passport (warning: do not take your passport photo at the post office). My photo was terrible (and I'm not exaggerating), but the agent refused to re-take it telling me instead that passport photos are used to identify you after a plane crash. OKAY!

Then to the credit union, but since I didn't have my passport with my new name and hadn't changed my driver's license yet, they decided they will use both names, but since my old last name is now my middle name, you guessed it, my account now reads: Leslie Weekes Weekes Billy. *Sigh*

Then I called my insurance company...oh forget it, it only gets worse. I now see the value in sites like If I weren't so cheap to part with the 30 bucks. "All you need is time and patience," I told myself. Time and patience indeed!

I've decided that this is a process that I plan to do once. I'm sticking with the Billy name for life (unless of course, I decide to give Mr. Billy the boot and marry that rich scientist who's been asking me out lately). Why is it rich scientists don't ask you out when you're single?


suicide_blond said...

hellloooo..single irl over case you want to boot the rich scientist in my direction!!!
from what i understand if you get through the "name change" bit... the marriage is a cakewalk..

Crystal said...

Hehe. Good luck! I got as far as the driver's license and have sort of given up for now.. Really, I just don't want to have to drive in to the SS office.. Or take a new passport photo.. Or talk to my bank.. Yada yada yada. :) Oh and it looks like I'm taking my passport with me to vote tomorrow because I didn't change my name for voter registration yet so I can't use my new driver's license.. Oy! Glad to hear I'm not the only one. :)

Leslie said...

Suicide Blond - Definitely next time :) There's got to me more than one rich scientist interested in me.

Crystal - time and patience. HA!

MB said...

It only took me four years to get absolutely everything changed over. (After the first few months I kind of lost steam.)

Leslie said...

MB - I'm all out of steam myself. It's comforting to know I can keep going at this for at least another three years.