Monday, September 8, 2008

And pretty maids all in a row

Earlier this year, one of my brides got a call from the bridal shop on the day the bridesmaids dresses were due to be delivered. The shop told her that the factory, in China, burned to the ground and the dresses were delayed. In fact, they would arrive on the day of her wedding. With not enough lead time to order new dresses from another designer, my bride put the tasks of finding replacement dresses into the hands of her bridesmaids. The ladies promptly went to a local boutique and found dresses that were stylish, unique and worked with the bride's style far better than the dresses that were previously ordered. Since that day, I have been window shopping for unique bridal dresses. The picture above is a collage of dresses, mainly from Calypso (I LOVE this store). Do your maids a favor and break away from the pack. Let them wear dresses that they can wear again and again. Send them to shop for their own dresses (if you dare), and if you want to do something really wild. Let them wear a print.

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