Monday, August 25, 2008

Party!: Free ice-cream

Today, I walked past a store that was giving away free ice-cream sundaes. Naturally, I stopped and got myself two scoops of the worst tasting ice-cream I've ever eaten (yeah, I ate it). If ice-cream regularly tasted this terribly, I wouldn't be this fat. This ice-cream tasted as though it had been sitting at the bottom of a freezer for eight months next to rotten flounder, and had absorbed its flavor.

A real disappointment, because I love ice-cream sundae parties and I regularly send them to friends, clients and colleagues.

Ice-cream sundae parties stir me with nostalgia of the days when I could eat two for lunch and never gain a pound. *Sigh*

Well, this last week of summer as we know it, I want to encourage everyone to send or throw an ice-cream sundae party for your friends and colleagues.

Let's hear it for ice-cream sundaes and extra wide hips!

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