Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wake. Work. Sleep. Repeat.

Lately, I've been missing my wedding planner friends. They're all busy with "the season". Too busy to chat with me until my phone battery dies or meet me for coffee or drinks or dinner. To commiserate, to celebrate, to worry about whether or not our business goals are on track or whether or not to get out now while we still love weddings. I do believe I am the only wedding planner in the DC metro area, who has no weddings on the books over the summer months (save for our last summer client on June 21st), but don't start calling yet, because this is a blessing. I haven't had a day off since last September, and I'm not counting the two weeks in January that I had to take off, because taking "vacation" time in the middle of your busy season is more stressful than the work itself.

Actually, my only real "free time" is the month of July, and the list of non-wedding and event planning things that I can do are endless. I can take that time to finally update the Leslie-Manning Events web site and our Phanfare site. I may even give this blog a makeover. Or work on increasing my stock over at Blogshares (not really sure how I ended up there, but I'm intrigued). I can finally reorder the business cards I ran out of since February, and write a job description for the intern I've been desperately seeking since last October. I can take the receipts out of the envelopes and enter them into Quicken. I can archive past client files and perhaps finish building my physical portfolio. I can sift through those 400 unread emails or take a course on color theory online at MIT or I can do nothing at all.

Excuse me while I do some cartwheels.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I do have some pots on the fire and if I use my time-off wisely come this September, I won't be feeling like the driving school instructor on the Intuit commercial.


suicide_blond said...

personally..i hope you choose to nothing.. read a good book.. sit perfectly still..
it will be hectic again soon enough...enjoy...

SoireeLaura said...

Congrats and good for you! I get two mini breaks in July AND August and I can't wait! Luckily this fall isn't booking as fast as the spring did. I should take a lesson from you and learn how to take time for myself.

Isis said...

Awh, we miss you too! We're all EXTREMELY busy and in need of some serious "Planner" chat...guess that's what the cold months are for. Enjoy your little short break and do all the things you've been longing.