Monday, June 9, 2008

Vegging out

So, after my blackened chicken sandwich with an extra helping of french fries lunch today, the gentleman buying me lunch (no, not that gentleman), started talking about the benefits of going vegetarian. It was the long laundry list of the usual stuff...but then he said something that held my interest: "more energy". More natural energy. No Rockstar drinks, no double-shot espressos, no expensive spa appointments. More energy will mean I can work 24 hours a day instead of only 18, so like a dog with a bone I decided to research the steps to becoming a vegetarian (I like projects). And what is the first thing I find? an article on how to cater an elegant vegan wedding. I'm telling you, there's a source for everything wedding related on almost every site available on the internet. So, of course, I got side-tracked and never found what I was looking for and then I felt absolutely horrible eating my steak dinner (okay, not that horrible; it was good).

If you've been following me on Twitter, you'd notice that I haven't done a thing since, I don't know, last fall? spring? anyhow, I plan to revive Twitter in the coming days, and will definitely post about my going vegetarian escapades there. Hey, if my 70+ mother can go vegan after decades of eating meat, it shouldn't be that hard for me, right? right?

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