Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going "green" no longer your choice

A local venue (which shall remain nameless), recently sent out an email to all of it's regular vendors and prospective clients. They're going "green" or attempting to become LEED-certified, therefore all vendors (particularly caterers) and clients must now comply with their "green" standards. Hear that? yeah, crickets. So I called with the question on everyone's minds: "What does that mean?"

"Zero-waste catering. Minimize water use. Bio-fuel delivery trucks. Organic, locally grown food..."

"Wait, wait, what does it mean for me, the wedding planner? for my clients - the bride and groom?"

"Well, right now we're limiting our preferred caterers list to those with environmentally friendly practices, and we would hope our clients would rethink their choices."

Now that's an interesting word choice: "re-think."


The Editor said...

Very interesting post. I have linked to this at The DC Feed.

Leslie said...

Thank you!