Thursday, May 8, 2008

Figs and dates and grapes and cakes

Today, someone asked me if I agreed that the wedding industry is recession proof. I didn’t have a chance to answer before a caterer with whom I’m currently working with on an event, called to tell me that their menus have changed. “You know, food prices have gone up. Inflation. Flour and eggs, chicken and beef to name a few.”

“Does that mean your prices have gone up?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “but our menus have changed."

Hmm...Last year, a friend sent me an article with a headline that read “simple, yet elegant is dead”. And then she proceeded to warn me about my tagline. “Everything is over the top these days,” she said. Now, one of my favorite caterers is telling me that their menus have become less complicated (read: not-so-over-the-top). Good thing I didn’t touch the tagline.

All week I’ve been hearing dire news about inflating food prices and catering menus inflating right along with them. The word “cut” has been showing up in every sentence: cut costs, cut back, cut an item, cut an entrĂ©e, cut the bartender, and we’ve “cut the budget”. And then tonight another friend calls: “I’m having a mother’s day dinner party, and I’d like you to be there,” she says, before rattling off the menu. Clearly, she missed the memo, so I took it upon myself to inform her. “So, what?” She said. I was hoping to try out some of my creative, cost-cutting menu ideas with her, but I guess if you don’t have too…but if you do, here’s one tip: Cut the meat. Vegetarian food cost less, but as I learned from my vegetarian party last December, not as less as I would have liked, but still, less.

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Robyn said...

Very true. And today's creative caterers can whip up a vegetarian menu where nary a soul will even notice the lack of meat!
Great idea! Thanks for sharing.