Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I'm loving today

When a friend told me to check out this site, I thought it was a joke. Thai Green Crocodile Curry? I think not. However, as with most things, my curiousity kept me looking around until I found something that I did like: APHRODISIAC. My attraction quickly faded when I realized everything in this section could kill me (gotta love a shellfish allergy). But that was until the I saw the 24 Karat Gold Lollipop. A champagne flavored lollipop that contains flakes of real 24 Karat gold. Now, that's an aphrodisiac!


Robyn said...

ummmm, champagne flavored? YUM! And they are pretty too.
Cool find!

Tracey Kumer-Moore said...

You have been "tagged"!

Yep, you have to list 5 songs that you are embaressed to have to admit you secretly love.

Then tag 7 more friends & get them to 'fess up too.

Have fun!