Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'll drink to that.

This event on the rooftop of the House of Sweden on the Georgetown Waterfront almost drove me to drink. Just as how some TV shows are better when there's no volume, I enjoy this event a lot better when I don't comment on it. Just sit back and watch the pretty pictures.

When I consider that this is the last event of its kind to be held on the rooftop of the Embassy/Event Center, according to the Ambassador, I'm at least happy to have it in my portfolio for posterity.

I must admit I had a lot of help with the concept from one of my favorite florists (yeah, same florist). Thanks Dexter!

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Crystal said...

Oooh pretty! It's a shame it was so rainy this weekend. Good thing you had the tent all ready to go. :) My favorite part is the lines of glasses. The non-stemware is classy and modern. Too cute!